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> $  curl

 "hex": "76CCCD",
 "reg_number": "9V-SFM",
 "flight_iata": "SQ7371",
 "flight_icao": "SIA7371",
 "lat": 21.366613, "lng": 66.61321,
 "alt": 10021, "dir": 121,
 "speed": 966, "v_speed": -0.3,
 "airline_iata": "SQ", "airline_icao": "SIA",
 "dep_iata": "AMS", "dep_icao": "EHAM",
 "arr_iata": "SIN", "arr_icao": "WSSS",
 "flag": "SG", "aircraft_icao": "B744",
 "squawk": "3420", "updated": 1611366621

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Time Flight Destination Status
00:05 LX LX 175 Zurich, CH En-Route
00:10 SQ SQ 608 Seoul, KR En-Route
00:15 SQ SQ 336 Paris, FR En-Route
00:55 SQ SQ 638 Tokyo, JP En-Route
02:00 QR QR 945 Doha, QA Scheduled
02:10 KL KL 840 Amsterdam, NL Scheduled
07:25 SQ SQ 846 Shenzhen, CN Scheduled
08:25 SQ SQ 882 Hong Kong, HK Delayed
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